Single Women

You may be single by choice or Plan B.  We hope some of the information here helps you.


Divorce presents very specific challenges that you need to consider.

Sustainable income: The complexities of retirement assets and timing of withdrawals and Social Security, and assets like annuities and life insurance policies.

Health issues: Insurance and guardian considerations.

Children with financial concerns that can affect your income.

Estate planning needs change, particularly relevant to late-life divorce.

We can help you avoid the “Bag Lady Blues” with accurate projections of post-divorce living expenses, retiring debt and limiting joint debt, locating affordable healthcare insurance, and securing alimony and property buy-outs.

Do I Have Enough? 

We will help you with a plan that first starts with defining your goals and creating your financial statements. We can then model different scenarios based on how your assets and income can support your needs and goals. The projections are tested by “stressing” your nest egg using average market returns, bad market returns and everything in between.

What if I Die or Become Disabled?

Based on your needs and your budget, we can help you determine not only the optimum amount of coverage, but also the right type of insurance you may need, if any. In addition, we will review your estate planning documents and make sure that what you want to happen, will in fact happen. If you need additional planning, we will work with your estate planning attorney, or introduce you to one, and guide your wishes to completed documents.