Retired or Getting Close

You might have worries about the markets affecting your retirement. Or maybe you haven’t given much thought about a meaningful retirement plan until now.

Nervous Nelly?

Do you feel like the sky is falling when your investment statement shows the of years of your hard-earned savings have taken a hair cut. Maybe you fear you can’t retire when you planned, or if you’re retired, you’re concerned with running out of money. What should you do? Sell stocks? Retire later? Spend less? Fire your advisor? Worry more? Smart decisions should be based on accurate information and objective, unbiased advice. Your investment statements only show short-term results. We can help you determine how those results will affect your long-term financial goals.

Do You Have a Vision?

A plan needs goals, and goals come from discovering what matters to you. We help you step away from what you’ve been doing and discover what you would like to be doing. We ask some thought provoking questions to help you articulate and prioritize your goals.

Retirement Planning

With goals in hand, we can then create different scenarios with probabilities of success showing how your resources can be used to fund them.  We can make informed decisions about the most appropriate investment strategy that will help you reach your objectives and is consistent with your risk tolerance. Long-term goals require long-term patience, so we encourage our clients to adopt a strategy they can live with.

Have You Protected Your Nest Egg?

Could you self-insure for a disability that cost you $70,000? We can help you determine your needs for long-term care as well as spousal support in the event of your death.

Stages, Places, Circumstances….
You may be just starting…a family, a business, a transition into a new job or retirement.  You’re an entreprenuer who needs a quarterback.  Or maybe you’re just thinking about it. You may have unexpected events put you into plan B.
You may have good problems or bad problems, or want to plan for them either way. No matter who you are, you want to set goals, and achieve them with a smart, efficient plan.