We believe that the best way to help clients meet their investment goals is to design, implement, and monitor an investment plan based on their unique risk tolerance and personal needs.  The best investment plan is one based on an intelligently and professionally diversified portfolio.

We understand that our clients’ financial goals can only be funded by returns net of taxes and expenses and consider the management of these costs a priority.

We actively manage a six-tier process— asset allocation, portfolio design, investment selection, portfolio construction and management, tax management and risk management. The end objectives are to (1) produce consistent returns, (2) lower overall volatility, and (3) measure progress towards goals.

Are You Really Diversified?

Chances are, if you own multiple funds from one fund family, you don’t have much diversification. Most investors don’t have a professional Morningstar subscription that can run correlation coefficients on portfolios. Research shows that asset allocation accounts for the majority of the variation in a portfolio’s return.

Portfolio Risk vs. Your Profile

The best way to reduce risk is through diversification. That’s why our risk profile questionnaire is so detailed. We want to design a portfolio that meets your unique risk/reward profile.

Does Your Advisor Put Your Interest First?

This is a question of who works for whom and how the advisor is paid. Ask if the advisor will sign a fiduciary oath. A fiduciary is someone who puts your financial interest ahead of their own. Ask how the advisor is paid. These questions will determine if the advisor puts your interest first, or if they are paid to sell products. We believe that as fiduciaries, providing fee-only services not only greatly reduces conflicts of interest, but also allows us to remain objective and unbiased.

You Don’t Have the Time?

Investing may not be rocket science, but it does take diligence and time. We are here to help. We have the expertise, experience, and the time to focus on you. We can give you peace of mind knowing that there is a sound investment strategy in place, and that we are monitoring it every day.

Stages, Places, Circumstances….
You may be just starting…a family, a business, a transition into a new job or retirement.  You’re an entreprenuer who needs a quarterback.  Or maybe you’re just thinking about it. You may have unexpected events put you into plan B.
You may have good problems or bad problems, or want to plan for them either way. No matter who you are, you want to set goals, and achieve them with a smart, efficient plan.