Growing Families

We understand the demands of a busy family, crazy schedules and little time.  After all, we each have 5 children.  Managing all the kids’ activities leaves little time to focus on financial planning.  We’re here to help you prioritize and establish long-term goals.

Common questions we routinely help guide clients with:

How much do we save for education?

What should we do first, pay off debt, contribute to retirement or fund other needs?

Can we afford a new home?

Do we have enough insurance and the right type in case of Plan B?

Are we saving enough for retirement?

What funds should I choose in my employer’s retirement plan?

Stages, Places, Circumstances….
You may be just starting…a family, a business, a transition into a new job or retirement.  You’re an entreprenuer who needs a quarterback.  Or maybe you’re just thinking about it. You may have unexpected events put you into plan B.
You may have good problems or bad problems, or want to plan for them either way. No matter who you are, you want to set goals, and achieve them with a smart, efficient plan.