Many of our clients are entrepreneurs with growing businesses, and as a result, they face a variety of issues that need to be addressed.

How do I Save Profits From Taxes?

The most common solutions involve using defined contribution and defined benefit programs. If you already have a plan, 95% of the time it’s a closed-architecture plan administered by an insurance company or mutual fund family. You may have no clue as to all the fees you’re paying or that you’re on the hook for all the liability. Moreover, these plans are sold and serviced by salespeople who lack the knowledge to maximize the benefits for you.

Growing Business = Estate Planning

Plan B can happen anytime.  As a business owner, you probably have unique estate planning needs.  What type of estate planning depends upon so many variables, and ou role is to identify these variables and lay them out in a way that makes sense. So by the time we go to the attorney, you have a fundamental understanding of what is needed, and you’re not overpaying for services and trusts that you don’t need nor understand.  We will stay on your tail until all documents are signed.

Ready to Pass The Torch?

Maybe you and your spouse want to pass the business down to the next generation.  Family business succession planning is complicated because of the nuances and family dynamics.  Only 33% of family business make it to the 2nd generation.  We’ve written the blue prints for several succession plans with very good results.

Securing Interest for Partners

Partnership agreements are only the beginning.  Most of the time,  additional planning is required to secure your agreement with the other partners. We can help to evaluate whether there should be a buy/sell agreement in place and what is used to secure that agreement.

What we call solving good problems, a client rephrased and said “We take care of the pain in the ass stuff that comes with success”.  Essentially, we partner with you and become your quarterback with integrated, turn key solutions for your financial lives.

Stages, Places, Circumstances….
You may be just starting…a family, a business, a transition into a new job or retirement.  You’re an entreprenuer who needs a quarterback.  Or maybe your just thinking about it. You may have unexpected events put you into plan B.
You may have good problems or bad problems, or want to plan for them either way. No matter who you are, you want to set goals, and achieve them with a smart, efficient plan.