Investment Advisory Services

  • Development, implementation and execution of a customized Investment Policy Statement for those assets under the limited discretionary authority of Brown Wealth Management LLC.
  • Active tax and cost efficient investment portfolio management for assets under the limited discretionary authority of Brown Wealth Management LLC. This will include manager and strategy selection.
  • Monitoring and management of investment managers and vehicles selected for implementation.
  • As necessary, rebalancing, policy and/or strategy modification and/or manager replacements.
  • Quarterly detailed written reviews of the client investment portfolio(s) under our management.
  • As requested; implementation of cost and tax efficient liquidations for unanticipated cash flow needs.
  • As requested, provision of preliminary tax information (e.g., realized and unrealized gains, taxable interest and dividends) for client’s tax planning.
  • Maintain and update, as requested, a “Capital Needs Analysis,” an analytical process that evaluates the likelihood of meeting stated goals, based on the client assets, liabilities, and relevant economic assumptions. This analysis, a proprietary version of MoneyGuidePro by Pie Technology, is typically updated on an annual basis – more often if the client experiences a significant unanticipated life transition or a dramatic change in market conditions.

We only work for you.

As a client, you will be offered investment management strategies that are in your best interest rather than a broker’s. Because of our client-centered, fee-only method of compensation, we do not receive commissions on any investment products.   We choose from an unlimited number of investments and design an investment management strategy to meet your objectives.

We have a fiduciary relationship with you, similar to the relationship you have with your doctor, attorney and accountant.